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Sant’Elia olive grove, from Mazara del Vallo a taste of Sicily

We take care of our land and its fruits. The harvest takes place without the use of heavy machines, instead through hand picking, cold extraction and correct storage of the two territorial varieties, entirely Sicilian.

Oliveto Sant’Elia represents the land where we grew up. It is located in Mazara del Vallo, on the western coast of Sicily, the land where our roots reside and branch out, which, for some time, have crossed those of the olive trees. It is an authentic place, not built on easy grounds, but rich of memories, rhythms and harvest which we respect.

The olive grove is located five kilometers from the Mazara del Vallo sea. It enjoys both the sea breeze and the mild climate of the hilly Sicilian landscape, dedicated, for hundreds of years, to the cultivation of oil and vineyards.

Our oils recall the intense taste of our land. The same taste that we experienced growing up, and that brings us back to the family meals during the olive harvests on late summer Sundays, when it was simply done to honor our family tradition. This is what we think about when in October we find ourselves amongst the olive trees for the harvest, to passionately produce oil to bring to your table. 

The Cultivar of the Sant’Elia olive grove

Nocellara del Belice

The same name for the oil and the olive: round, big, tasty.

The fruit of this olive tree variety has a twofold attitude: sublime to press for an intense oil, flavorful and fruity, it is also great on the table. As a matter of fact, it is the only product in Europe to receive two DOP (i.e. Protected Designation of Origin), as both table olive and olive oil, that contains the highest number of polyphenols, an assurance of nutritional, healthy and antioxidant qualities.


The Biancolilla olive trees gift a fine and elegant oil, light and slightly spicy. 

Predominant in western Sicily, the Biancolilla olive trees owe their name to the colors that characterize the ripening process of the fruit. The olive is of a bright light green color, white when the tree first flowers, turning purplish when ripe. The oil, on the other hand, is light green as soon as the milling is finished and straw yellow after a few months of decanting.